Four Bears

The Story of Nehwo Maskwa

My mother wrote a story called “Brother Bear” in 1981. She illustrated this bear for her story, which I have adopted for my branding. She gifted her “Brother Bear” story to my son Tucker when he received his name Nehwo Maskwa in ceremony. Nehwo Maskwa is Cree meaning Four Bears, from his many grandmothers. One day soon we can publish her stories and pass onto many generations to come. In honor of both my mother and son who i am blessed to have in my life each day. I chose to name my Indigenous owned business after him. My boy.

Meet the Maker

Taansi, I’m Christina. I am an Indigenous woman from the Cree and Metis Nations. I was born in Vancouver where I currently live with my two beautiful children. For 23 years, I’ve worked with women and families in crisis as a support, shelter and crisis intervention worker. I started candle making to create economic growth, sustainability and financial independence for myself and my family, and to provide a wellness product for others to enjoy. Miigwetch Thank you

Ethically Made

*Soy wax, no additives

*Conscious vessels and containers to hold each candle (tin, glass, concrete)

*Organic essential oils and Fragrance Oils

*Cotton wicks

*Eco-friendly packaging

*Each candle is made by hand, with love and intention.

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